#1 - Not treating affiliate marketing as a real business. But it's not really their fault because there are many "gurus" that are selling affiliate marketing as an easy way to make money, because there is no need for a website, no need to deal with customer service, no need to build a list (but building someone else's list), no need to sell something... and so on. And it's where it's all wrong. If you don't treat it as a real business and think it's easy you're not going to make money and you will quit when you don't get results. Maybe you can make some little sales here and there but nothing more. Every business need work but you don't have to work harder, you can work smarter and invest in your business (time and money).

#2 - Not Building their own list. This is the most common mistake affiliate marketers are doing. I've been there and I can say that I didn't get any result when I wasn't buildind my list. Before I thought that affiliate marketing was just about sending traffic to an offer and getting commissions, without even knowing what kind of traffic I was sending to my offers. C'ause there are 3 types of traffic, Hot (in your list, know you and trust you), Warm (pre-framed about your product or services) and cold (doesn't know you or your products at all), and depending on the type of traffic you should adapt your communicattion. But the ultimate goal is that all traffic become hot traffic so that you own it, and it's where building a list is crucial.

#3 - Not Knowing what a sales funnel is or how it really works. Any business need this, even if it's an offline business but there are many people that doesn't even know what is a sales funnel at all. What you don't know can hurt your business. As an affiliate marketer you need to know this. A sales funnels is a process by which your prospects will come through so they become your customers and buy your products. It's a process to qualify the people you send to your offers, there are some steps that your prospects will go through before qualifying as buyers. Some people will not buy your products right away 'cause they need some more exposure with your procducts and know you more but they showed interest, they qualify as subscribers. It's there that what we call follow-up emails come in action so you can convert them into buyers by corresponding with them on a daily basis. Sales funnels is what can change the way you build your business and it's what is really going to help you make money if you do it correctly. A sales funnel should be the foundation, the core of your business.

#4 - Conclusion: what you don't know can hurt your business, you need proper informations about how an online business should work and I can give them to you. Proper informations and awereness on how things should be really done is what differs the ones that succeed in affiliate marketing and the ones that failed. So I'm going to give you access to a book that has enlighted me on the path to be successful not only in affiliate marketing but in any type of business, "dotcomsecrets". It's a really valuable book but for you now it's free but you have to take care of the shipping that's all. I'm convinced that it will the best investment you will gonna do. So just click that button bellow and get your copy.